Clark Crawford

“I identify as a fabulist, preferring a good lie to a tedious truth. The works I create invite viewers and owners to instil their own version of events and reasons for its existence, thereby creating a bond between item and person, even if only subconsciously. 

The Guardians'  size and shape encourage us to hold and carry them while their presence brings comfort, amusement or other emotions. What they are Guardians of… is entirely up to the owner.

What I love about ceramics is that you can begin with a simple repeating design and introduce variety through carving, additions, glazes and types of clay.

Happy accidents feature a lot in my work, with many effects being unrepeatable. Maybe I’m a bad artist whose pieces are not entirely in my control, but I’m happy to imagine another hand is at work and I collaborate with the unseen, the spirits in the mud, in the kiln.”