Craig Barker

As a photographer I like to work at the edge of light and dark, at the extremes of lighting. In doing this, I don't capture a split second of time, but in some of my pictures a few minutes are portrayed. Hence many of my shots are taken when the lighting is poor or the weather is bad.

Having formally studied photography and graduating with an Honours Degree, I went on
to work for various imaging companies.
I established my own fine art photography business (Original Pictures LTD) in 2004. 

My inspirations come from an early age, my dad used to be a Manchester black cab
driver. I would often go out with him as a child, just observing the people and architecture.
It was only later when I started working in photography that I realised what an impact this time spent viewing Manchester from this perspective had on my work.

I don’t look for the perfect sunrise or sunset, as in music, songs that touch
us deeper have a minor chord.