Charlotte Jeacock

Im Charlotte Jeacock, and at 17 years old, I am a young aspiring artist.

Ever since I can remember I have been creating art. From a young age, I would always make scrapbooks, and whenever we went out for dinner, I would always doodle on the napkin a thank you note to the waiter. I even wrote and illustrated a book at 5, to thank my reception teacher for her kindness that year. However, the first time it really clicked that I wanted to do art, was in year 3, when I was 8. We had to create a design, so I decided to draw some flowers. I didn't think anything of it until my teacher was shocked to see my design, and even granted me the 'head teacher's award' for my drawing. I was so happy with myself. Fast forward to now and I am still obsessed with art. I am always creating in my free time, and love to explore new medias and styles. I hope to go on to complete a foundation course of art at the University of Arts London, and study theatre design one day, but for now I am keen to get my art out into the world.

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